1 Shipping

1.1 What are the costs of delivery in UK ?

No minimum, all our goods are with free delivery in all UK.

1.2 What if I want a delivery outside the UK ?

If you want a delivery outside the UK please contact our customer service and we will be happy to give you the shipment conditions.

2 Returns

2.1 Can i return special mades ?

Special mades can never be returned.

2.2 Can I return my order ?

No problem, within 30 days you can return all order or part of the order without any costs. Goods need to be new and in original package.

2.3 What are the costs of a return ?

All returns are for free.

2.4 How long does it take to get a refund ?

All refunds are made in maximum 30 days.

2.5 What time do I have to return my order ?

All goods can be sent back within 30 days

2.6 Can I return personalized orders ?

Personalized orders can never be returned